Skandar Keynes

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Randal Hume Keynes, OBE (1948-)

  • Relationship: father
  • Profession: author, conservationist, speaker
  • Online profile: IMDb
  • Social network: LinkedIn
  • Education: Marlborough College, Oxford
  • Book: Annie’s Box: Darwin, His Daughter, and Human Evolution (2001)
  • Film: “Creation” (2010) – consultant

Zelfa Cecil Hourani Keynes

  • Relationship: mother

soumaya keynesSoumaya Keynes (1989-)

  • Relationship: older sister
  • Profession: Research Economist, Institute of Fiscal Studies
  • Online profiles: IMDb
  • Social network: LinkedIn
  • Education: Cambridge University (BA, MPhil)
  • Radio: “His Dark Materials” (2003) – Annie
  • TV: “Beast” (2000) – Gemma

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