New Narnia Cast Birthday Projects

New birthday projects for Skandar Keynes and Georgie Henley are asking for submissions.

Georgie Henley – July 9 (age 17)

Georgie Central

  • Project: CD sent to Georgie’s agent
  • Items: letters (no word count), graphics (unlimited), video (1:00 max)
  • Language: English (letters)
  • Include your name or username on each submission.
  • Send via email.
  • Deadline: June 24

Skandar Keynes – September 5 (age 21)

The Skandarians (Indonesia)

  • Project: collage sent to Skandar’s email
  • Item: photo of you holding a photo of Skandar
  • Language: none
  • Send via email or Twitter (@theskandarians).
  • Deadline: May 12  – the admin may give more time so send something anyway!

Four other birthday projects for Georgie and Ben Barnes are here. Deadlines are approaching fast, so be creative and send in your submissions soon!

Image: Georgie Central


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