Some Updates on “Perfect Sisters”

“Perfect Sisters” (2012) is the latest film project for Narnia star Georgie Henley. We’ve been waiting for a trailer and release date for months now. We’re in a news drought. So what’s next?


As of March 30, the film has a “completed” status on IMDb.


On April 16 cinematographer Stephanie Weber-Biron tweeted,

Perfect Sisters’ soundtrack is rad. It features (amongst others) awesome songs by M83, St. Vincent & @AbbieNormal16 (who stars in the film).

Go to the official websites of M83, St. Vincent, and Abigail Breslin (CABB the Band) to learn more.

Since Carmen Rizzo (website) is composing music for the soundtrack, I contacted him earlier this week on his official Facebook page about when the soundtrack would be released on various online venues. I also asked when fans would see a trailer. Carmen replied,

Not sure, just finished the mixing of the film. I assume end of the year?

What does “end of the year” refer to: the trailer, the film, or the soundtrack? I asked, but Carmen didn’t reply.

I don’t know what to think now. I assume the film will be released in theaters this summer. But we still have no clue about a release date for the trailer, the film, or the soundtrack. We just have to wait.

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Image: Carmen Rizzo



Some Updates on “Perfect Sisters” — 2 Comments

    • Don’t we all! It’s just a waiting game. I look for news in Google alerts, Twitter and YouTube searches, IMDb updates, etc. I’m sure others can do more/different things and that’s fine.

      Curious: you didn’t finish your comment.

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