New Site Address and Updates


If you’re reading this post, you know Skandar & Georgie has moved! The old account is no longer available. It redirects to This is a much nicer url for Skangie fans, isn’t it? I want to thank StarsZZ and WordPress for making this change possible!


As you can see, I’ve rearranged some things on the fan site.

-I’ll probably get a new banner from some creative Narnia friends soon.
-I’ve added a few more Skandar and Georgie fan site links.
-I have 2-3 more affiliates and will apply for more in the coming weeks.

Some fans contacted me to say they thought they couldn’t follow me once I had made the switch. But this isn’t true. Fans can’t follow me if they’re on, but they can still get updates every time I report Skangie news on this site. Just follow the directions below. Fans can get Skangie news via email,  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, and various email messengers.

1. Click on the link “Follow my blog for the latest Skangie news” (above the search engine).
2. Click on “subscribe” (and choose an option) or the inbox icon and the word ‘FeedBlitz.’
3. Follow the directions.

Probably the most important update on this fan site is the “website” page.I have a lengthy privacy policy, which every Skangie and Narnia fan should read. I wish more fan sites had this policy and abided by it! I’ve also listed two ways fans can support this site: (1) Amazon ads and aStore, (2) PayPal. I don’t want to pressure you into giving me any money, but I’m unemployed and need support to continue running this site. I would love it if anyone gave me anything.

Tell all your friends about ©Skandar & Georgie at! Be looking forward to more Georgie news about “The Class Project” (2012) and pray Skandar comes out of hiding!


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